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Replicas of old masters

Adam Antoni Rząsa's replicas of old masters are not exact copies. On the contrary, the paintings are individual interpretations where A.A. Rząsa adopts the leitmotif but changes or adds some elements to breath an own life into the painting.
A.A. Rząsa always uses the original technique specific for the particular epoch. In general, oil paint is applied in several coats with longer drying periods in between. This guarantees a high authenticity of the particular style.

As an example, the zoom shot of a detail from „Arnolfini's Wedding“ demonstrates the high precision of A.A. Rząsa's brushwork, which lends an exceptional brilliance to his paintings.

(Francois Boucher)

The Holy Family
(Martin Schongauer)

Arnolfini Wedding
(Jan van Eyck)


(Francois Boucher)

Descent from the Cross
(Jan Gossaert Mabuse)

Hunting Still Live I
(adapted from Flemish masters 17th c.)

Hunting Still Live II
(adapted from Flemish masters 17th c.)

Hunting Still Live III
(adapted from Flemish masters 17th c.)

Judith slaying Holofernes

(Władysław Podkowiński)


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