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Adam Antoni Rząsa – visual artist

Oil painting, graphics, ceramics

Surrealism, symbolism

Replicas of Gustav Klimt and old masters

Circulum Vitae

1936 Born in Lwów (Poland).
1957 - 1963 Study of visual arts at Art Academy in Wrocław, diploma degree.
1962 Starting and art direction of the surrealistic theatre „Trumna“ („The Coffin“) in Wrocław.
1962 Organization of the first happening in Poland.
1963 - 1985 Work as freelance artist in paiting, graphics and ceramics. The leading style is surrealism.
1985 - 1998 Exil in Germany.
Continuation of surrealistic and symbolistic painting.
since 1998 Return to Poland.
Additionally to surrealistic painting also art nouveau.

Major exhibitions

12/2004 Castel Wojnowice
Localtion: 30 km from Wrocław, direction Zielona Góra
vernissage with piano concert: 5.10.2004
- 11/2004
The flight over the cuckoo nest
Galerie na Jatkach, Wrocław
- 11/2004
BWA, ul. Wita Stwosza, Wrocław
opening: 27.10.2004, 5 p.m.
1986 Siegen, Town hall
1992 Aachen, Town hall
1993 and 1994 Köln, Polish embassy
1993 Berlin, Polish Arts Centre
1998 and 2002 Wrocław, BWA and Arsenał
Catalogue 2018

Series: Zodiak Signs


Abstract painting

Art Nouveau Replicas

Replicas of old masters


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